Position: Head Coach / Owner
WTF Black Belt Rank: 4th Dan
•19 years Taekwondo
•14 years coaching Taekwondo
•13 years Personal Training and involvement in Fitness Industry

Robert has achieved great success as a student/mentor/coach in both the martial arts world and fitness industry. Prior to ‘Fitness And Sports Taekwondo’ (FAST) Robert managed the operations of Jim Fassolis’s Taekwondo Academy for 7 years. During this time as an Instructor/Coach, he kept active in competing at Taekwondo Australia sparring events.
Being highly motivated he continuously sets physical and mental challenges to improve himself as an athlete and coach. In 2010 he completed a Bachelor of Sports Coaching and Administration and from there he furthered his studies in sports & fitness. During the past 19 years Robert has represented NSW in numerous National Taekwondo competitions and has held the state title for several years in full contact sparring. His passion for the sport has brought him success in multiple weight categories and divisions.

Robert Bikesic

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