All members of Fitness And Sports Taekwondo are required to be insured and registered with Australian Taekwondo. Registration fees will be determined based on the participant's enrolment date:

All members of Fitness And Sports Taekwondo are required have a full Taekwondo Uniform for training. Please refer to the prices below:

Sparring Equipment
All students/participants/members of Fitness And Sports Taekwondo are Advised to purchase the complete kit of Sparring Equipment for their safety during training. To get the most out of Taekwondo training students are encouraged to participate in light contact sparring. Students choosing the Taekwondo Competitor Package must have all the equipment mentioned below to participate:

Casual Memberships
FAST provides a Single Lesson rate for participants who would like to pay for classes as they go.
- Single Lesson - PAYG = $15
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