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Harrison Bell

Our Team
Position: Assistant Coach
Black Belt Rank: 1st Dan (Registered with the "Kukkiwon")
  • 6 years Taekwondo and currently competing
  • 2 years coaching Taekwondo

Harrison has been with the FAST for over 5 years and has excelled in a number of areas. He has been one of the most consistant athletes of the club within recent years. He has been involved in a number of state level competitions and is now aiming for national level competitions that will give him an opportunity to qaulify for international events.

Harrison's passion for taekwondo is apparant when helping his peers as he desires all students to strive for their best within each training session. He has developed his leadership skills and demonstrated the ability to mentor students as a senior belt. He is an asset to the coaching team and provides a fresh coaching style needed to help engage the next generation of Taekwondo students within FAST.

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