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Success Stories

We have many students that have come through the club over the years and have reached their goals or have changed their lives through incorporating Taekwondo into a healthy lifestyle. Below you will find one of the stories that we are most proud of. Start your Journey today and become another one of our success stories, book your 2 FREE trial lessons today.
Eddie - Our own amazing Transformation!

Eddie has been with our club now for over 8 years and has had an amazing journey. He started in late 2009 and was a very shy and quiet teenager. He initially started with a group of school friends who had been participating for some time. As time went on Eddie became more motivated and more fascinated by Taekwondo and Martial Arts. He soon started taking his training seriously and began a personal development journey where he would lose half his body weight, become a blackbelt, attain his coaching accreditation and help start mentoring fellow students. Eddie's confidence has grown and now he is one of our senior Black belts and always comes to train with a smile on his face. So... make sure to pop by and say hello to him next time you are in, he will happily give you a few motivational strategies to get you on track.

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